Use targeted recruitment emails to promote your job ads and events.

What if you could find, engage and recruit hard-to-find technical talent where they live online-with one solution?

Only TalentBin by Monster provides the largest database of skills focused IT social profiles, gathered from the open web, with multiple messaging capabilities.

TalentBin by Monster is a technical talent search engine with over 100 million public, tech-focused profiles aggregated across 100+ websites that can help you find, engage with, and recruit hard-to-find technical talent, particularly software engineering talent.

Find unfindable technical talent

Find candidates where they live online based on their real interests and actions.

The ultimate passive candidate database
Aggregated profiles from across relevant websites help you find unfindable candidates.
Search like a boolean pro, without being one
The power of a boolean jet fighter bottled up into an easy-to-use interface, with visual boolean search, automated and custom query expansion rules, contact-channel search, and more.

A deep dossier of each candidate, at your fingertips
A full picture of a candidate's professional and personal interests, aggregated and scored from their entire social footprint. Awesome information to start your conversation with.

Engage in high impact conversations

Tools to make your candidate outreach better, faster, and more impactful.

Outreach that lands in the inbox
Reach out to personal email addresses and social communication channels where candidates live their daily lives. No email address? Our Email Concierge will hunt it down and deliver it to you.

Push your outreach into overdrive
Templated email outreach with a click of your mouse helps streamline your outreach workflow. Works with your own email, but also social communication channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Mass mailing and mail merging lets you fire off dozens of targeted messages in short order.

Targeted, personal communications
Take advantage of complete candidate data to write engaging outreach communications that maximize response rates.

See who's on your wavelength
Email open tracking and link click tracking show you which candidates are engaging with your outreach.

Stay on top of your talent pipeline

Recruiters are busy people. Automated, intelligent candidate relationship management tools help you stay on top of your candidate pipeline so you never miss an opportunity.

Automatic, Intelligent CRM
Spend less time clicking, and more time closing. Contact a candidate, and they move down the pipeline. They reply, Intelligent CRM tells you who's been opening and clicking your outreach, and is prime for follow up

Folders and pipelines keep you organized
Requisition folders help you keep track of your recruiting efforts by position. Pipelines help you visualize and work each part of your candidate funnel.

All your candidate interaction, in one place
Track all candidate-facing activity in one place, with notes, communication history, and progression down the pipeline, right there on the candidate profile.
Never miss a beat
Automated tasks and reminders make sure you and your team are following up with the right candidates at the right time.

Recruiting is a team sport

Seamlessly orchestrate activity between recruiters, sourcers, and hiring managers.

No stepping on toes
Separate user accounts help recruiters keep track of their own candidates, and not repeat colleague's work.

Hiring managers can play too
Special "hiring manager" user accounts let hiring managers get involved earlier in the hiring process, to help Recruiting give candidates white glove experience.

Visualize your team's progress
Individual and team reporting ensures everyone is moving the needle.

Everything you need for success

From rigorous implementation and onboarding assistance to best-in-class ongoing support, our customer success team is here to rocket you to success.

We’re here to help!
Phone and email support during business hours all week long. Our customer success team is here to answer your questions and set you up for success.

Train with our recruiting experts
We'll get you up to speed in your first month with best practices to ensure your success.

Ongoing training and guidance
We'll monitor your progress every month and share ideas to maximize your hiring efficiency.
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