Monster Talent Analytics

Insightful Analytics Software at Your Command.

What if you could make better informed recruitment decisions to get the right hire—right now?

Only Monster can offer an analytics platform, powered by proprietary semantic search technology, that offers a fast, insightful approach to making informed recruitment decisions to hire the right talent.

Talent Analytics understands the labor market with data from Monster’s vast resume database, to help you plan recruitment strategy and make better decisions.

How it works

Monster Talent Analytics gives you a fast, insightful approach to answering questions that move you forward:

  • Helps save you time and money armed with relevant data before making long-term decisions
  • Measure talent source performance and identify skill strengths, gaps, and trends
  • Access industry data to improve recruitment planning
  • Locate top schools for a major, top employers in a location, or top skills for a position

Understand current talent pool as well as industry data to making better recruitment decisions, such as for store locations/openings, college hiring and even competitor moves.

Talent Analytics can help you can make better recruitment decisions based on data from Monster.

"Monster continues to deliver great results for us and has been an excellent fit for Alliance Holdings. I would definitely recommend Monster to find the best candidates. It works for me with C-level candidates; I believe it would be beneficial for anyone looking to fill their company's positions."
Barbie Spears, Director of Human Resources