Talent Fusion™ by Monster

Let us help you find better talent.

Whether you are hiring for a single role, or driving a 3,000-person ramp-up, Talent Fusion by Monster can help you overcome critical recruiting issues.

Talent Fusion by Monster provides comprehensive recruiting and sourcing solutions delivering top talent to fulfill your company’s business and talent demands. Whether your goal is to quickly expand your workforce, hire business critical talent or build a proactive sourcing strategy, Talent Fusion has the answer.

How it Works

The Talent Fusion team is made up of a select group of industry experts dedicated to help your company find better talent. Using a field-tested process that consistently provides qualified candidates, our Talent Fusion Specialists will be able to quickly help you achieve your recruiting goals. Our efforts are concentrated among the following milestones:

  • Plan. Develop a strategy that addresses your specific hiring needs.
  • Reach & Attract. Engage the most qualified candidates using the full arsenal of Monster products.
  • Contact & Qualify. Pre-screen and formulate shortlists of highly-relevant candidates.
  • Deliver. Provide you with qualified and interested candidates along with detailed campaign analysis.
  • Candidate Management. Manage candidates from source through hire.