Monster Cloud CRM

Proactively connect with top talent using our streamlined messaging platform

What if you could reach qualified candidates with targeted messages and custom recruitment campaigns in one seamless process?

Only Monster can combine the targeting capabilities of 6Sense® semantic search to identify qualified candidates and deliver custom campaign messaging to them.

With Cloud CRM, you can search and correspond with top candidates from your private talent pools, no matter where you sourced the information from. Launch an email campaign with custom, targeted messages; include an automated follow-up campaign and let Monster do the work.

Find Candidates with Single Search

No more messy Boolean strings. Simply enter your search criteria, and within seconds Monster’s semantic search will find you the best candidates.

Build campaigns using the candidates already in your private cloud database

Search and include relevant candidates from your existing talent pool in your campaigns, no matter where they were originally sourced. For even broader reach, add Monster Talent CRM to include the Monster database in your campaigns.

Understand Candidates’ Behavior with Real-Time Reporting

How’s your campaign doing? You’ll know right away with robust, real-time analytics so you can forecast and formulate the best recruitment strategies.