Monster Compliance Reports

Demonstrate compliance with EEO, AA and OFCCP hiring regulations.

Federal regulations and rules require employers to maintain hiring data, including information on hiring practices and online applicants. Do these laws affect your company?

Here are some of the things we can assist you with:

  • Saving resume search criteria
  • Soliciting race and gender
  • Aspects of OFCCP-required data compliance

How it works

To assist with compliance, Monster has features that are available to all affected employers:


EEO/AA (Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action) affects companies with 15 or more employees, and any company that does business with the federal government or receives federal funds. EEO and AA data collection capabilities are fully integrated within Monster Job Ad and Resume Search process to help you with your compliance efforts.

Monster EEO

Monster EEO allows employers to:

  • Collect, track, and report on EEO and AA data, including the ability to collect data via 'Apply Online,' email letter, and recruiter-provided input.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your diversity and inclusion and multi-cultural recruiting efforts.


OFCCP (Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) affects federal contractors and subcontractors.

Monster's OFCCP tracking features allow you to:

  • Specify data management techniques and basic qualifications through fields in Job Ads and Resume Search tools.
  • Keep an audit trail of your candidate search and recruitment processes, including date and time stamp of all data entries and changes.
  • Keep an audit trail of all actions you perform on resumes, such as:
    1. Copying or moving resumes from one folder to another
    2. Creating or editing notes pertaining to specific resumes
    3. Updating a seeker's priority, round or disposition status
    4. Sending saved letters to job seekers
    5. Forwarding resumes via email
  • Run comprehensive set of OFCCP compliance reports.
  • Collect EEO data from job seekers when they apply online.
  • Send invitation letters asking "basically qualified" candidates to apply to your jobs

View information regarding the OFCCP and audit activity, including links to other compliance resources.