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# Price Each Savings
1 $547.00
2 $526.00 $21.00
3 $509.00 $38.00
4 $476.00 $71.00
5-9 $436.00 $111.00
10-24 $362.00 $185.00
25-49 $275.00 $272.00
50-99 $227.00 $320.00
100-249 $187.00 $360.00

Diversity & Veteran Job Ad

Instantly reach Diversity and Veteran candidates on a network of diversity websites and

A Monster Diversity & Veteran Job Ad is the fastest way to reach the most candidates, including diversity, disability, and military job seekers. With access to the most job seekers online, we make sure your Job Ad is seen by qualified candidates.

  • The Monster Diversity Network offers access to nearly 29 million Unique Visitors per month across Black Planet, and corresponding partner websites1
  • with more than 10 million registered members2

Show your company’s commitment to supporting diversity, disability and military hiring.
How it Works
Once you purchase the job ad, we will distribute your job ad to our network of diversity sites as well as on It’s that easy.
1 US comScore Plan Metrix (reach includes duplicate traffic) Q2 2014; 2 Internal Data 2014.
*Note: most third-party audience measurement tools are unable to measure traffic behind DoD firewalls.;