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Welcome to Monster

Are you new to Monster? Has it been a while since you have logged on to your Monster account? If you answered yes to either question then take a look at our quick Welcome Video and Monster Training Schedule for free online classes.

Welcome to Monster Take a quick video tour of your Monster account and get started finding qualified candidates.
Monster Training Schedule Monster has a full schedule of training sessions that will help you find the best candidates more efficiently. Get the most from Monster's tools and expertise, join us today!
Monster Products

Monster offers products that will help you accomplish your recruiting goals. You’ll find easy to use quick guides, videos and articles to help you get going. If you have additional questions or would like to purchase the products contact your sales representative or customer service.

Ready to use your Monster TMS Cloud Solutions to find gain valuable insight into your current talent pool? It's time for Cloud Solutions for TMS.


Learn how to use Monster’s search technology which has been integrated with your Bullhorn system to streamline your search capabilities. So it appears under the product name.


Use Monster’s technology to search your own database of resumes and gain valuable insight into your current talent pool.


Find technical candidates where they live online, based on their real interests and actions gathered from the open web.


Ready to find qualified talent in a powerful single search and immediately message candidates? It’s time for Super Search.


Do you struggle with finding candidates using Boolean Logic? If you answered yes then Power Resume Search is what you are looking for.


OFCCP Resource Guide
OFCCP's regulation has changed the recruiting process for Federal contractors and sub-contractors. It specifically defines the "Internet Applicant" rule and criteria. Take a look at our resources to clarify how OFCCP affects your recruiting process with Monster.
Posting Job Ads

Posting Job Ads to Monster is a streamlined process that is quick and easy. Do you want to learn some time savings tips for posting job ads to Monster?  "Job Ad Best Practices" will give you the top tips and hints for making your job ads more effective and attract the right candidates. 

Creating and Posting Jobs The job ad process is streamlined to make it easier and quicker. 
Job Ad Check List
Use this check list to make sure you are posting the best possible job ad
Job Ad Best PracticesFind time saving tips and hints to make you job ads more effective and attract the right candidates.
Managing Job Ads

You can manage all of your job ads from one spot. Learn more about how to make the most of your job ads.

Managing Job PostingsAfter creating your job ad, you can manage it by editing, renewing, copying, expiring, posting and creating QR codes for the ad.
Edit a Job Posting Learn how to edit a current job ad without expiring it and starting over.
Managing Candidates

Managing your candidates can be challenging. Luckily, we have many actions you can take on candidates to keep your focus on getting the job filled.

Forward ResumeIf you come across an interesting resume for a colleague's requisition, using the "forward resume" action is an efficient way of sending the information directly to his/her inbox. 
Send Messages
Have you ever searched the resume database and found a perfect candidate for a specific position? Be proactive and send the candidate a message about the job opportunity.
Add a Note
A note captures your thoughts and activities (phone calls, interviews, etc.) related to this resume. If viewable company-wide, this can be a great tool to ensure that your colleagues know the history of a resume before a candidate is engaged.
Copy or Move a Candidate
When a candidate applies for a job ad, you can copy the candidate from the job folder into a different folder allowing you to keep track of the candidates who have applied for the job.
Block a CandidateIf a resume that is not a good match for a position you are sourcing keeps appearing in your list of results, you can block that resume to make sure you bypass it if it comes up in the future.
Managing Folders
Folders can help you organize your candidates throughout the hiring cycle. Read on to find out how you can easily add, remove, share and manage your folders.
Update Status
Update the status to keep track of a candidate’s progress through the hiring cycle. This provides a quick and easy way to know exactly where a candidate stands with a particular position. It can also be very helpful if a colleague is unavailable and you need to follow up with his/her candidates.
Rate a Candidate
Capture your assessment of the candidate for future reference and compare them to other candidates.
Super Search by Monster

With Super Search you’ll not only find qualified talent in a powerful single search, but you’ll stay on top of your hiring demands with immediate candidate messaging, activity monitoring, and open jobs performance.

Getting Started with Your Search Our smart precision technology fine-tunes your searches by education, salary, relocation, citizenship, veterans, and more.
Manage Candidates
Keep on top of your search results with quick and easy candidate actions.
Create compelling and personalized messages whether you want to reach one super candidate or hundreds.
Built-in analytics help you analyze performance and candidate behavior.
Sample MessagesNot sure what to say? Here are some messages to help you get going.
4 Components to Successful Messages
Take a look at our best practices for the most successful messages. Join us for a live class, a previously recorded training or a few short videos. We are here to help you find, connect and hire.
Power Resume Search

Power Resume Search gives you the results you need to make more informed, objective hiring decisions. Provide us with your candidate requirements, including skills needed, location, and experience, and we’ll do the rest. Monster’s advanced technology understands search context, concepts and terminology, and finds all variations of your requirements.

Tips and Best PracticesSee what new tips you can add to your toolbox to make the most of everything PRS can do for you.
Resume Search Fields
Take a minute to become familiar with the search fields so that you're able to find qualified candidates easily.
Resume Actions Monster supplies you with powerful tools to manage your candidates directly from your account. View how each resume action works!
Saving Resume Searches
Learn how to save your search for a later date and have your results emailed to you on a regular basis.
Classic Resume Search

Classic Resume Search will be able to find the right candidate for your job ad.   

Resume Search OverviewJoin us for a live training session while we take a closer look at Classic Resume Search. 
Saving Resume Searches
Save your searches so it’s easy to come back and continue your work.
Resume Search Examples
Let’s take a look at a real Classic Resume Search so you can see how you can put this powerful tool to work for you.
Sorting Search ResultsGetting a better view of your search results can help you zero in on the right candidate and save time.
Boolean Search
Do you find Boolean Logic tricky? Here are some tips that will make using Boolean Logic easier.
Using the Hiring Library

The hiring library is a valuable resource for storing job ads, letters, and screening questionnaires.  Once you create your job, letter, or screening questionnaire you have it available to you at your fingertips.  In one central location you can create and manage your hiring library.

Sample MessagesLetters can be created for many reasons, such as acknowledging a resume submittal or inviting job seekers to a career event. Take a look at some of our best examples.
Manage a Letter
After creating a letter, you can copy and edit letters for future use.
4 Components to Successful Messages
Check out Monster's best practices for messaging candidates.
Create Screening Questionnaires
Screening questionnaires are the online equivalent to simple phone screenings. They can save you valuable time and energy.
Manage Screening QuestionnairesOnce screening questionnaires are created, you can view and edit templates for future use.
Job Ad Smart Practices
Check out Monster's top best practices for writing letters. 
Managing Job Postings
Learn more about how you can manage the jobs created in your hiring library.
Account Information

Every user has access to their account information such as various reports, viewing available inventory, and account settings.  Are you looking at your home page and thought you had more inventory than what you see?  Keep in mind that the homepage only shows a maximum of 5 items so you will need to look at the inventory to see all of your available inventory.

View ReportsMonster reports will give you a sense of the volume Monster delivers and help you understand where you're spending your recruiting time.
Manage Account Settings
Discover the flexibility that Monster provides you to configure and manage your preferences within your account. 
View InventoryWondering how much inventory you have left?  You can instantly access this information within the Monster site.
Administrator Overview

As the administrator you access to do certain things that the other users cannot. You can create and manage users for your company's Monster account. If you are creating a new user and you are not sure what role you should assign them then refer to Creating and Managing Users for user role descriptions.

Creating and Managing UsersAs an administrator you can instantly create and manage users within your organization. Find out more about user roles here as well.
Getting Help

Monster is here to help you find the answer you are looking for.  We have an incredible Resource Center which provides you with various types of information.  If you can't find your answer in the Resource Center then make sure you check out the Help link which will give you contact information for customer service as well as a FAQ section.

Reset Your Employer Account Password In less than a minute, you can reset your password and be back on track.
Upgrade Browser Experience To Optimize Performance
Take advantage of the features on Monster’s site and ensure optimal security by upgrading to a Monster supported browser.
Customer Service Reach Monster’s Customer Service by calling 1-800-Monster (1-800-666-7837) or via email
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