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Monster Simplifies Account Log-In and Access for your Team

Monster Simplifies Account Log-In and Access for your Team


By: The Monster Customer Service Team

Customers sometimes contact the Monster Customer Service Team about failed attempts to log-in to their Monster account and with questions about Monster’s password security process. Such security procedures are in place to help protect your Monster account and privacy. Much like airport security, they can seem tedious, but no one questions their necessity.

While we can’t do much about long security lines, we have developed a method that will make accessing your Monster account easier using multi-user functionality.

As a customizable platform, Monster’s multi-user functionality provides you with greater control over your Monster account, without sacrificing your security protection.

Multi-user functionality allows you to assign one or more administrators to your Monster account. The administrator can create unique usernames for each team member, without having to contact Monster. This eliminates the need for shared user names and the confusion that often results from not knowing your account’s secret question or pin.

Multi-user functionality can also help your work flow process when you use Monster. Your account administrator(s) can assign different roles to each user under your account. In turn, each user will have a unique role and set of responsibilities that are appropriate for your company’s workflow.

Here’s how it works:

All users, including the Account Administrator(s), are able to purchase and use Monster products.

Additionally, Account Administrators can create and modify users and their roles, such as making active accounts “inactive.” The administrator can also manage your company’s preferences, as well as set requirements for the use of hiring library items, such as screening questions and saved letters.

Your account administrator(s) can then assign your team members to the following roles:

Super Users have the same rights as the Account Administrator with the exception of granting administration rights to other users. Super Users can also create and view company-wide reports.

Standard Users are allowed to purchase and use job postings and search resumes. A Standard User is different from a Super User in that they are not allowed to view company-wide reports.

Hiring Managers can do everything that a Standard User does and are also allowed to view, rate and add notes to candidate folders.

You can learn more about Monster’s multi-user functionality by signing up for our free training:

To pre-register:

  1. Go to the Monster Training Library 
  2. Select the Monster Administrator/Multi User Training course.
  3. Enter the requested information (a confirmation email will be sent to you.)

We encourage you to join the training session 5 minutes before the start time.

If you’re not available during scheduled training sessions, we invite you to request a one-on-one demo via email:

Or check out these additional resources:

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