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Global Trends to Consider in Your Workforce Strategy

Global Trends PDF
Global Trends Recording
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Planning talent needs on a global scale is complex.  You need to understand everything from local labor regulations to emerging challenges and opportunities in each region. Each country may also have different employment conditions and supplier capability. In short, you have a difficult, detail oriented task that must be done right.

Information will help you make better informed decisions and plan your global strategies to win. This webinar will cover TAPFIN Global Center of Excellence’s recently-released Quarterly Market Report (QMR). The QMR details global employment conditions by country and includes information on labor regulations, supplier capability, technology, and environmental conditions. It also captures trends and reports on the relative strengths and opportunities at the regional and country level to assess implications of the availability, capability, and cost of the workforce along with regulatory dynamics and market conditions. 

Learning Objectives:
To aid in decision making surrounding workforce planning and MSP operations

This webinar included:

  • An in-depth analysis of how shifting workforce regulations are impacting requirements and workforce strategies across Europe and Asia-Pacific
  • A regional view of workforce disruption due to labor strikes and shortages across the globe
  • A country-level analysis of the local skill and productivity of the contingent workforce
  • A greater understanding of workforce trends related to a respective region

Monster would like to thank Raleen Gagnon for presenting this webinr.

Presented by:
Raleen Gagnon
Director Market Intelligence and Strategy – ManpowerGroup Solutions TAPFIN MSP Global Center of Excellence

Raleen Gagnon oversees market intelligence and the development of consistent program processes, product features, and strategic components of ManpowerGroup’s Global MSP Center of Excellence.  In this role, she manages all research, market demand, and global trend analysis to develop and support actionable insight for country-specific go-to-market materials and messaging.

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