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Recruiting and Hiring Advice

April 2, 2012

By: John Rossheim, Senior Contributing Writer

Our weekly update of healthcare news:

While the country awaits the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act, healthcare organizations are bracing for the impact it will have on healthcare recruitment.

If the Affordable Care Act still stands “as is” after the Supreme Court’s decision, Medicare reimbursement rates will be linked to the results of providers’ patient-satisfaction surveys come October, 2012.

But even at children’s hospitals like Nemours in Orlando, Fla., healthcare recruiters explicitly seek clinicians who will please patients and their families, says Human Resource Executive.

Qualified and compassionate personal-care assistants (PCAs) are never easy to find. Now home-care agencies in Minnesota worry that recruitment and employee retention will become even more difficult after a county court ruled that the state can cut Medicaid pay for PCAs from $11 to $9 per hour, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.




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