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May 1, 2012

By: John Rossheim, Senior Contributing Writer

Major medical centers aren’t the only ones engaged in the land grab for clinicians brought on by healthcare reform.

With $728 million in new money from the Affordable Care Act doled out in early May to expand community health centers in 48 states, physicians, nurse practitioners and RNs and others will see increased demand, from the largest cities to the most underserved rural counties.

Funding from the ACA and the economic stimulus package has enabled 3 million additional people to receive care from health centers, according to Kaiser Health News, and has created thousands of healthcare jobs. 

But the biggest expansion is yet to come; another 27 million or so currently uninsured people will begin to gain coverage in 2014.

So in less than two years, assuming the Supreme Court upholds healthcare reform and Congress doesn’t repeal it, look for demand for clinicians to soar like it never has. Are recruiters ready? We’ll soon find out.

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