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Super Search by Monster

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It’s tough out there. Finding and connecting with qualified candidates is always a challenge. And unfilled positions cost you time—and money. Also, when you do find that great resume, it’s still a long road ahead to contact the candidate, follow-up, and monitor the performance of your open jobs. It’s time for Super Search.

Now you’ll not only find qualified talent in a powerful single search, but you’ll stay on top of your hiring demands with immediate candidate messaging, activity monitoring, and open jobs performance. Our proprietary semantic technology searches millions of resumes, for any industry or location, with razor-sharp accuracy. (Don’t worry, Boolean search is also an option).

With Super Search, you can instantly find and follow-up with candidates—because when it comes to filling positions, time is money. Whether you need to reach one specialized candidate or hundreds, Super Search is the only search engine you’ll need. Here is what you need to know.


In a hurry? Grab what you need and go!

Campaign SettingsLearn how to set up your campaign to get your message to the right seekers.  
Message Candidates
Create a compelling and customized message to send to job seekers.  
Manage Candidates
Perfect your search, review candidates and take action.  
Launch Campaign
Review your campaign and launch your custom messaging to seekers.
Dashboard At a glance information on the progress of your campaigns.  
Sample Letters
Not sure what to say? Here are some messages to help you get going.  
Best Practices for a Successful Campaign
Take a look at key components to a successful email campaign.

Messaging Campaigns from Start to Finish

See Monster Super Search in Action in these 5 minute videos. Each video takes you through a complete campaign.

Message seekers selectively for an Instructional Designer  
Send out invitations to a Career Fair
Target your messaging to Veterans


Find answers from a Monster Trainer and see Super Search in action