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Monster Training

HR training resources to help you get the most from Monster's products and services.

Article Managing Monster Job Ads

Once you've uploaded your job ad, there are various functions available to you for managing your ads.

Article How to be a Safe Internet User

Scam emails use techniques like phishing and spoofing to attract prey. Don't fall victim - learn to heed the warning signs.

Training Module TalentBin by Monster

Find technical candidates where they live online, based on their real interests and actions gathered from the open web.

Article Super Search by Monster

Ready to find qualified talent in a powerful single search and immediately message candidates? It’s time for Super Search.

Webinar Monster Training Schedule

Build your recruitment skills – sign up for one of Monster's many training sessions and learn from a live instructor.

Article Talent CRM Resources

Create a customized campaign in five easy steps with these Talent CRM resources.

Article Classic Resume Search

Take the time to become familiar with Monster's Resume Search option so that you're able to find qualified candidates more easily.