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Connie Blaszczyk is Managing Editor of the Resource Center. An award-winning journalist, broadcaster and producer, she has overseen the growth and expansion of the Resource Center's rich content library. In addition to Monster, she has had the pleasure of working at some of New England's most respected companies, including Fidelity Investments and WGBH Boston. Follow her on Google+.  


Monster Take on Talent

May, 2012: Monster Employment Index Weathers the Storms

July, 2012: Positive Signs of Growth in Recent Recruiting Trends

August, 2012: Talking our Way to Economic Recovery

September, 2012: Is Everybody Happy? How to Motivate Employees

Hiring Tips

Six Ways to Maximize your Small Business Hiring Advantage
Author David Russo share his wisdom on how to hire winners. 

Company Culture

How Extraordinary Companies Pursue Radical Continuous Change
Best-selling author Jason Jennings shares his insights on what it takes to thrive and survive in a volatile economy.

Cultivate a Healthy Small Business Culture
Best-selling author Patrick Lencioni on what it takes to generate successful productivity. 

A Prescription to Increase Productivity and Employee Morale
More insights from Patrick Lencioni -- this time for large companies.

Is your Company a Great Place to Work?
Amy Lyman of the Great Place to Work Institute explains what makes a trustworthy leader.

Guy Kawasaki's Small Business Tips to Cultivate Enchantment
An interview with the well-known author, small business-evangelist and blogger.

IT Recruiting

Is your Company on Top of Cloud Technology?
Author Hunter Miller explains how today's top CIOs are driving the cloud evolution. 

The Growing Demand for IT Skills and IT Talent
Author Judith Hurwitz explains how companies can compete in a highly-competitive arena.   

Healthcare Staffing

The Expanding Role of the Nurse Practitioner

Management Skills

Creating Great Customer Service: The Apple Experience
Author Carmine Gallo explains the innovation that's driven Apple's success.   

Good Boss, Bad Boss: A Conversation with Robert Sutton
The author on the art of constructive confrontation and a 'good' fight.


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