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Mid-Year Workforce Talent: Job Seeker Survey


Job Seeker Survey

Latest findings from Monster’s mid-year workplace talent survey reveal increasing optimism among job seekers. Job seekers indicated an overall positive outlook with over half (53%) of those surveyed feeling confident that they could secure a new job within the next 10-12 months, while only 15% are not confident at all.

Changes in sentiments of Monster job seekers over the past six months:

  1. 34% of job seekers said they were not finding jobs for which they were qualified, improving from 47%
  2. More job seekers (43%) believe there are more job openings now than a year ago, up from 38%
  3. Nearly half (49%) of job seekers are struggling to find a job that matches what they want (e.g., salary, location, etc.), improving from 56%
  4. Fewer job seekers (67%) agree that it is more challenging to find a job, improving from 77%
  5. 47% are discouraged from the lack of contact from employers, improving from 57%
  6. 51% feel their skills and abilities are understood by employers; down slightly from 53%

“This trend in optimism among job seekers may be indicative of an improving economy,” said Jeffrey Quinn, Vice President of Monster’s Global Insights. “These findings are consistent with the Bureau of Labor Statistics published this summer. In the Bureau’s reports, we saw unemployment decrease steadily in June, July, and August. As demand for employees increases so will job seeker confidence.”

Despite being increasingly confident, the survey suggests that job seekers still have some reservations. A majority of respondents (77%) believe that the market is saturated with qualified people in their specialty, which has increased slightly when compared to the 73% of respondents who shared this sentiment six months ago, while the percentage of seekers who agree that employers are willing to provide the necessary time and training needed to support a position reduced from 42% to 35%.

These findings are included in Monster’s 16-page report, Mid-Year Workforce Talent: Job Seeker Survey, along with these survey results:

  • Current job seeker challenges
  • Factors that motivate job seekers toward a career change
  • Their level of confidence in finding a job

Find out how job seekers view the current job market and what will motivate their career decisions in the months and years ahead.

Download the Full Report: Mid-Year Workforce Talent: Job Seeker Survey

Survey Methodology: Monster’s mid-year study surveyed more than 1,800 job seekers who are currently employed or desire employment in the next 12 months via an online survey. All results are based on a sample of Monster Job Seekers and are not intended as a representation of the overall marketplace. The study was designed to be inclusive of all Monster job seekers who have actively used their My Monster account over the past 3 years. The survey ran for about 6 weeks from June 24, 2013 to August 8, 2013.

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