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Wednesday, January 18, 2012
2:00PM-3:00PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Few things have the potential to galvanize an organization as much as a bold future. Setting a strong strategic direction for your organization is critical. Even your department and project teams will benefit from focused planning. Unfortunately, people think that strategic planning expertise is solely the domain of highly specialized, external consultants who have to bring their special brand of mojo. Fortunately, there are tools and frameworks that are easy to use and follow and do not require multiple PhDs to decipher. 

Listen to this webinar and learn ways to:
• Present an agile and scalable strategic planning framework
• Provide resources to contribute to a successful planning effort
• Explain techniques to successfully sustain the impact of your strategic planning process
• Demonstrate ways to make your meeting interactive and engaging
• Highlight five critical mistakes to avoid

Monster would like to thank both Bill Treasurer and Laura Cohn for presenting for us!

Presented by:
Bill Treasurer and Laura Cohn
Giant Leap Consulting’s Lead Strategic Planning Team

Bill and Laura have more than 1,000 hours of collective experience with strategic planning.  Having worked with for-profit, non-profit, government agencies, academic institutions, and everything in between; their experience has helped them to refine a highly effective planning process that helps organizations define their bold future.  You can learn more about them and Giant Leap Consulting at


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