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Organizations rarely take engagement into consideration when selecting employees, and even when they do, it is usually a subjective measure.  However, improving quality of hire is the first step to creating an engaged workforce.  The easier-to-determine speed and cost per hire are left wanting if the metrics are absent quality measures. What does a quick hire actually save the company’s bottom line if the selected candidate was ill-suited for the position and organizational culture from the beginning? This webinar examines real ways to measure quality of hire and impact the value of talent on an organization.

Participants learned how to:

  • Dispel myths on subjective recruitment measures
  • Assess candidates for traits and competencies that are true identifiers of engaged employees within your organization
  • Identify candidate’s fit within the organizational culture
  • Provide best practices and low-cost tips to engage early and often. 
  • Discuss the generational differences in workplace concerns and about national trends in employee engagement.

Monster would like to thank Kevin Sheridan for presenting this webinar.

Presented by:
Kevin Sheridan

CEO & Chief Consultant, HR Solutions, Inc.

Mr. Sheridan is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Consultant of HR Solutions, Inc. and directs all survey work conducted by the firm.  He has extensive experience in the field, having co-founded three successful survey-related organizations. Mr. Sheridan received a Masters in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School in June 1988, concentrating his degree in Managerial Decision-making and Strategy, Human Resources Management, and Organizational Behavior. Prior to business school, Mr. Sheridan spent four years with the Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A. in New York City, London, and Japan.  As Relationship Manager and Second Vice President, he directed Chase’s business relationships with 37 Japanese banks and trading companies and eight Australian banks. Mr. Sheridan has done consulting for some of the world's largest corporations and has earned several distinctive awards and honors.  One of his most notable recognitions was for the creation of HR360, which won Human Resource Executive Magazine’s HR Product of the Year Award.  He is a frequent speaker at national and international conventions, and his work has appeared in many different mediums. He is also an avid volunteer.


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