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Wednesday, November 2, 2011 -

Stress.  We all feel it.  In today’s over-scheduled workday, stress sneaks up on us and then delivers a one two punch to our productivity and job performance. 
In this two-part webinar series, Dr. Daniel Crosby, President of IncBlot, will help you better understand how stress impacts job performance and what you can do about it.

Part II:

  • We will discuss ways to manage stress in the workplace 
  • We will define proven strategies to help your workforce tame stress that detracts from their performance while leveraging stress that spurs growth.
  • We will uncover some common behaviors people use to deal with stress and discuss which ones really work.

These webinars will help define stress and build stress management plans that best fits your business culture so you can reduce the negative impact of stress in your company.

Click here to Learn more about PART I: The Impact of Worker Stress

Monster would like to thank Dr. Crosby for presenting this two-part webinar series on the Impact of Worker Stress.

Daniel Crosby, Ph.D.
President of IncBlot

Daniel Crosby grew up in Huntsville, Alabama. He earned a B.S. in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Brigham Young University. Returning to the Southeast, he served as a consultant to a number of organizations at Emory University. Daniel also taught graduate and undergraduate honors level courses on topics including theories of personality, personal development, media portrayals of psychological constructs, and counseling skills. Additionally, Daniel has consulted on career selection, stress management, time management, and interpersonal effectiveness. In both private practice and university settings, Daniel conducted assessments and used best practices to match professionals with appropriate employment. He has published and presented papers in the areas of personality theory, meaning-based approaches to career and personal counseling, empirically supported treatment plans, and multicultural considerations in counseling.

Daniel was awarded the Viktor Frankl Institute Scholarship, presented by the Frankl family and the City of Vienna, Austria, for his work involving the application of Dr. Frankl’s theories to diverse populations.


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