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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We all know that employee engagement is critical to business success. Engaged employees help you maintain an advantage over your competitors and grow your business. The challenge is how to excite your workers and continually maintain their engagement.

Join us as we define the key drivers of employee engagement and prescribe a formula for success.  Learn from case studies the factors that motivate engagement and how performance-based metrics can help you track your progress. Develop a roadmap for effective measurements, metrics and processes to enhance your organization’s commitment to engagement.

This webinar is for....

  • Executives who are concerned about the performance of their organizations
  • Managers responsible for their organization’s Internal Brand
  • Communications specialists who are involved in internal corporate communications with their employees
  • HR executives and managers responsible for their employer’s brand

Presented by:
Allan Steinmetz
CEO and Founder of Inward Strategic Consulting

For over twenty years, Steinmetz has been on the forefront of internal branding and communications, helping organizations, from Fortune 500 to start-ups, forge effective internal branding and communications initiatives.


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